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Vape Cartel - Vendor Interview

Discussion in 'Vape Media' started by baksteen8168, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. baksteen8168

    baksteen8168 Useful Idiot Staff Member Moderator

    Jul 28, 2015
    Springs / Benoni
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    Good day Vapers!

    Vape Haven is starting an initiative where we interview various vendors in the vaping world. Uptake has been a little slow, but I am sure as these get posted, more vendors will join in.

    First Interview is with @KieranD from Vape Cartel! Please post below if there are any other questions you would like us to ask vendors in future, or if you have a specific vendor in mind.

    Thank you @KieranD for taking the time to do an interview with us.

    Vape Haven : Who are you and where are you based?
    Vape Cartel : Vape Cartel is Kieran Daly – Former chef and wannabe golfer. Full time entrepreneur and part time street racer.

    VH : Why did you get into the retailing side of Vaping?
    VC: I got into the vaping industry as a result of 2 trips over to the USA. I have always been the type to keep my eyes and ears to the ground for new ventures and stumbled upon vaping over in Austin, Texas. I traveled to the USA in early 2013 and saw a trend of people vaping while giving up smoking. On my second visit in 2014, vaping had literally exploded. Austin is a very health conscious city and the take up of vaping had been over whelming in a couple of months. I came back home and started doing a bit of research. There were a couple vendors here but there was a definite lack in anything like over in the USA. I also stumbled across a fantastic online community who were looking for something more international – thus Vape Cartel was born.

    VH : What Vape related products do you specialize in?
    VC: Vape Cartel specializes in anything premium and authentic. We specialize in imported premium liquids, the finest local brands and authentic hardware.

    VH : Do you Vape?
    VC: Believe it or not – I do! I just need to hang on to my own devices for more than 48 hours! I will be rocking a Cloudmaker Whiteout soon that will not be getting sold!
    I came off smoking Hubbly so I vape on 0mg

    VH : What type of vaping setup are you using?
    VC: Right now I have a billow v2… My last mod got sold as usual ha ha!

    VH : Can you do any Vape related tricks?
    VC: I turn PG, VG a couple flavours and nicotine into The E-Liquid Project. Does that count?

    VH : What is your current favorite juice?
    VC: I currently have 3 in my all day rotation – Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve (‘nuff said), Teleos The Milk and The E-Liquid Project The Daddler.

    VH : What is the weirdest vape related request you have had?
    VC: #NSFW…

    VH : Is Vape Cartel currently sponsoring or helping out the community in any way?
    VC: Absolutely! We have a few sponsorship programs running at the moment.
    We sponsor racing car driver Raymond Goodrich, paintball team YDFC and we are always willing to help with any event centered around the Vaping Community.

    VH : Is there anything special that Vape Cartel is planning for the future?
    VC: Guess you will have to wait and see… But there are some big plans a brewing! Time will reveal these to you but we are sure that when they come out you will not be disappointed!

    VH : Are there any plans on expanding Vape Cartel to other areas or regions?
    VC: Yes absolutely! I am planning a trip over to the USA for next month and have already set up some meeting regarding exporting over there.
    In South Africa, we are looking at a few options and they are all looking very promising. Watch this space!
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  2. PapaSmurf

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    Jul 2, 2015
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