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Interview - Atomix Vapes

Discussion in 'Vape Media' started by baksteen8168, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. baksteen8168

    baksteen8168 Useful Idiot Staff Member Moderator

    Jul 28, 2015
    Springs / Benoni
    +2,247 / 438 / -4
    Vape Haven : Who are you and where are you based?
    Atomix Vapes :We are Atomix Vapes, we are based in Kempton Park in the East Rand. We like to bring in variety to give our loyal customers choice over a great range of vape products.

    VH : Why did you get into the retailing side of Vaping?
    AV : We love vaping as you all know, the retail venture was more of a chance to give back to the vaping community as we didn’t have many options in the area. It was either buy online or drive real far to get our hands on products when in need.

    VH : What Vape related products do you specialize in?
    AV : We like to keep our juice ranges local just because local is lekker. :p We also do DIY concentrates and a bit of everything really.

    VH : Do you Vape?
    AV : Yes sir! All day, feel empty and alone if I forget my mod at home.

    VH : What type of vaping setup are you using?
    AV :At the moment rocking a Aromamizer RTA with dual Twisted Kanthal 26 (Vertical Coils) on a Hex Ohm, then my run around mod is the vtc mini with my trusted goblin mini and chuff cap.

    VH : Can you do any Vape related tricks?
    AV : Yes sure, I can make juice disappear in a matter of seconds. :p

    VH : What is your current favourite juice?
    AV : At the moment enjoying Yoghurt juices but still in search of a real all day vape. The holy grail of juice still to be discovered.

    VH : What is the weirdest vape related request you have had?
    AV :Funny enough we have had a couple weird ones, from people asking if they can drop nicotine in their eyes to get their nic in to people actually buying nic to kill garden weeds… Some others we won’t mention people might identify themselves through this.

    VH : Is Atomix Vapes currently sponsoring or helping out the community in any way?
    AV : Sponsoring not so much but we do have random give aways to give back to you awesome people. Last one was 100ml juice and Black Ops 3.

    VH : Is there anything special that Atomix Vapes is planning for the future?
    AV : Who knows what the future holds, we do have a few tricks up our sleeves though, you would just have to wait and see.

    VH : Are there any plans on expanding Atomix Vapes to other areas or regions?
    AV : We are definitely planning to expand, we will be offering wholesale soon and would love to see our brand grow.

    VH : Any other comments or info you would like to add?
    AV : Yes, just a major thanks to all the individuals and stores that have supported us thus far, without you we wouldn’t exist! So we thank you and thanks for the opportunity Vape Haven and your great staff.
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  2. Blends Of Distinction

    Blends Of Distinction Subtle all day vapes Vendor

    Aug 18, 2015
    +242 / 21 / -1
    I have the holy grail of ADV juice right here in my hand..
    Hazelnut latte.
    If you coming to vape meet on Sunday I will give you a complimentry sample bottle.
    But be warned it is addictive
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  3. Atomix Vapes

    Atomix Vapes New Member

    Jul 26, 2015
    Kempton Park
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    I think we would have to take you up on the offer. Sounds good!

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