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Fog Machine - Vendor Interview

Discussion in 'Vape Media' started by baksteen8168, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. baksteen8168

    baksteen8168 Useful Idiot Staff Member Moderator

    Jul 28, 2015
    Springs / Benoni
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    This interview was conducted with @Jackie Harris from Fog Machine.

    Thanks @Jackie Harris for taking time to do the interview, and best of luck with Fog Machine

    Vape Haven : Who are you and where are you based?
    Fog Machine : We are three partners based in Pretoria East, Gill, Stefan and Jax. Stefan is our web wizard and all day vape guy, Jax runs marketing, creates our fruity flavours and talks to everyone about vaping and Gill imports liquids, talks to suppliers and creates our Nutty desert flavours

    VH : Why did you get into the retailing side of Vaping?
    FM :We wanted to create an ejuice range that is locally made and can compete with international flavours that we enjoy and supply them at good local prices.

    VH : What Vape related products do you specialize in?
    FM :We specialise in crafted eliquids and soon to supply eliquid concentrates and gear for the DIY guys

    VH : Do you Vape?
    FM : All day!

    VH : What type of vaping setup are you using?
    FM : Smok M80, Kangertech RBA, Eleaf 30W with Joyetech Delta 2, Lemaga RBA's

    VH : Can you do any Vape related tricks?
    FM : Does coil building count...hehehe

    VH : What is your current favourite juice?
    FM : Jax: Smooth Operator, Stefan: Lounge Lizzard, Gill: Nuts & Bolts

    VH : What is the weirdest vape related request you have had?
    FM :None...yet :)

    VH : Is Fog Machine currently sponsoring or helping out the community in any way?
    FM : WE have plans that we are still working on....but we are passionate about animal welfare

    VH : Is there anything special that Fog Machine is planning for the future?
    FM : We are having a launch / taste evening in November...will keep you guys updated on the Forum. We will be issuing some invites :)

    VH : Are there any plans on expanding Fog Machine to other areas or regions?
    FM : We deliver anywhere! :)
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